Monday, July 03, 2006

Rena & Wade Around the World

Living in Cayman fuelled the fire for more extensive world travels and so we set out on our first around the world trip at the beginning of 2006. We quit our jobs, moved out of our apartment, sold our car (at least we had one left from hurricane Ivan), left paradise as we knew it and moved our few meager belongings back to our parents in Canada. And that's how 2006 started...unemployed and homeless!

I think we each had a momentary panic attack on the plane ride out of Cayman. I remember looking at each other and saying "I hope we made the right decision here." However, our ever growing excitement of a trip of a lifetime soon allowed us to put our fears behind us and so it began.

We started off with an estimate of 4 months of travel and extended to 5 1/2. We absolutely loved our trip and would be full of regrets if we had not done it. It taught us so much about the world and ourselves for that matter and has given us an inner sense of accomplishment. Who needs tours and travel guides!!!!